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The Best Mattresses in a Box in Canada for Comfort and Convenience

THIS ARTICLE MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS. SPONSORED CONTENT – Getting a good night's sleep is a must in today’s busy world. And to get the best rest possible, you’d want the best mattress that the market offers. After all, a quality mattress is the first step on your journey to the land of dreams.

Are you willing to spend your day off outside shopping for a mattress? Plus, the delivery, then getting it to your room…

If you don’t want to go through this tedious process, say hello to mattresses in a box!

Shopping online doesn’t have to be only about appliances or clothes. You can order a mattress too. All you have to do is unpack it, lay it on the floor, and wait for it to inflate itself. How can you choose a good mattress in a box in Canada? What is the best mattress to go for?

Let’s check the best mattresses in a box in Canada that are the current hits on the market, their advantages and disadvantages, and find out how you can get the ultimate sleep!

Reviewing the Best Mattresses in a Box in Canada (2024)

Overall Best Pick: Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress


Check the latest price of the Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress


  • Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Sleep Trial: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 15 Years
  • Great for: Side sleepers and back sleepers

The Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress is our pick for the best mattress in a box in Canada. This option features great support, superior pressure relief, and firm edge support. This mattress offers the best memory foam and hybrid options, making it ideal for side sleepers and back sleepers.

The cover is made of an antimicrobial fabric. It helps prevent bacterial growth throughout the mattress, so your sleeping space stays clean. Even if you wash your sheets often, mattresses can sometimes develop odours due to bacteria. This cover eliminates this issue, leaving your bed fresher.

The first layer is a quilted gel memory foam, using the same high-density base as the rest of the mattress. It’s extremely plush and offers great pressure relief. However, it works to disperse heat throughout the mattress, so it doesn’t build up under your body. If you usually sleep hot, this layer can help you cool down.

The middle layer features deeper pressure relief. The high-density memory foam offers transitional comfort, cushioning the coil layer and keeping you comfortable throughout the night. Underneath is the pocket coil base, which features zoned lumbar support from up to 1200 double-tempered springs. The number of coils varies based on the size of the mattress. The Silk & Snow Hybrid is available in all six standard mattress sizes.

Finally, there’s a perimeter of firm foam to help bolster the edges, making it easy to sit or sleep near the edges of the mattress without sagging or sliding. You can try the Silk & Snow Hybrid mattress for 100 nights after purchase during the risk-free sleep trial.

Best Pressure Relief: The Logan & Cove Choice Mattress


Check the latest price of the Logan & Cove Choice Mattress


  • Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness: Medium Firm
  • Sleep Trial: 365 Nights
  • Warranty: 15 Years
  • Great for: Side sleepers and hot sleepers

The Logan & Cove Choice is a luxury hybrid that features layers of eco-conscious foams, including cooling foam. It offers great pressure relief for lighter sleepers, as well as strong support from a zoned coil layer. This mattress is made in Canada, with Canadian-made materials where possible. It uses proprietary foams to create a comfortable experience that is nothing short of luxurious.

The cover is a quilted section that is plush and cool to the touch. It features CryoFusion nanofibers, which help channel heat away from you throughout the night. Quilted into the cover is a layer of gel-infused memory foam for additional plushness, as well as breathable hollow fibre fill to reduce night sweats. This layer works to reduce the temperature on the surface of the mattress while keeping you comfortable enough to fall asleep peacefully.

The first layer of foam within the mattress is ecoLuxe Cooling Gel Foam. This layer relieves pressure points and channels heat away from your body, further increasing the cooling capabilities of this mattress. If you have joint problems, this mattress may be able to help you sleep better. This proprietary foam also contains less carbon input than standard memory foam. The middle layer of foam is premium Elastex, a latex alternative that promotes additional bounce and comfort. This layer helps you transition from the foam layers to the firm support of the coils.

The coil base is zoned, with up to 2,500 pocket coils arranged in five comfort zones. These zones are arranged to give you support right where you need it. Firmer support in the middle of the mattress provides additional lumbar support. Strong coils around the perimeter of the mattress offer boosted support there, so you can sit at the edge in the morning without sinking or sagging. These materials work together flawlessly to provide a cool, comfortable experience.

Best for Couples: The Endy Mattress


Check the latest price of The Endy Mattress


  • Type: All Foam
  • Firmness: Medium Firm
  • Sleep Trial: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 15 Years
  • Great for: Side sleepers and heavy stomach sleepers

The Endy Mattress is an all-foam option with some of the best motion control available on the Canadian mattress. Lighter sleepers and those with extremely restless partners (particularly those who have trouble getting comfortable or staying asleep) may be able to find some relief with this mattress. This is due to the open-cell foam construction, as well as the high-density foam layers.

This mattress uses three layers of proprietary foam blends to create great pressure relief and a medium-firm feel. It starts with a breathable micro-quilted cover. This offers a four-way stretch that keeps it tight on your mattress. When it’s time to wash your bedding, just zip it off and throw it into the wash. You can keep your bed fresh and clean easily.

The core of the mattress starts with a layer of Endy’s proprietary comfort foam. This open-cell foam is extremely breathable and responsive. While it provides great pressure relief for your body, you won’t sink into this layer as you would with traditional memory foam. You can move around easily on this surface. The middle layer of transition foam helps with deeper pressure but also eliminates motion transfer. The active motion-cancelling effects keep you asleep throughout the night.

Finally, the base layer of support foam keeps you well-supported throughout the life of the mattress. It balances your body and keeps you comfortable no matter how you sleep. Every layer of foam is temperature-neutral, meaning that it doesn’t feel different based on the temperature of the room. Where standard memory foam gets softer when it’s warm and firmer when it’s cold, these proprietary foams stay the same throughout the seasons.

Best All-Foam: The Douglas Mattress


Check the latest price of The Douglas Mattress


  • Type: All Foam
  • Firmness: Medium Firm
  • Sleep Trial: 365 Nights
  • Warranty: 15 Years
  • Great for: Side sleepers, back sleepers, and heavier stomach sleepers

The Douglas Mattress uses two layers of eco-conscious foam, a thick layer of support foam, and a cool, sustainable cover to create the perfect level of comfort. It’s engineered to be accessible for all sleepers, though it works best for side sleepers, back sleepers, and heavier stomach sleepers who want a little more support.

The CoolSense cover is made with sustainable Infinitex fibres. This cover is washable and zips off easily. While some of the other covers we’ve reviewed can be difficult to put back onto the mattress after washing, this cover is extremely simple to reattach. The cover is breathable and wicks away moisture and heat, leaving you cooler at the end of the night.

The first layer inside the mattress is made with ecoLight, a luxurious gel foam that mimics the feel of traditional memory foam. However, it uses 40% less carbon than traditional foams while remaining durable and plush. Unlike memory foam, this foam layer won’t allow heat to build up or provide the same type of sinking feeling.

The second layer is Elastex foam, a non-allergenic latex alternative. It’s just as responsive as latex but doesn’t contain any of the chemicals that trigger allergic reactions, making it safe for those with latex allergies. The support layer features supreme motion isolation. This support foam keeps the edges supported and comfortable without sacrificing durability.

Best All Foam: The Silk & Snow Mattress


Check the latest price of the Silk & Snow Mattress


  • Type: All Foam
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Sleep Trial: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 15 Years
  • Great for: Stomach sleepers and side sleepers

The Silk & Snow Mattress uses three layers of memory foam to help keep you comfortable, including layers of high-density foam and transitional performance foam. Together, these options blend to create a soft mattress that contours to your body, relieving pressure points and keeping you supported throughout the night.

The cover is made with Silk & Snow’s antimicrobial textile blend, which eliminates the growth of bacteria across the surface of the mattress. It reduces odours, keeping your bed clean and fresh no matter what. If the cover gets dirty or needs to be freshened up, you can easily zip it off and wash it. The top layer of foam is luxurious high-density foam, which boosts durability and relieves pressure when you lay down. It’s gel foam, too – this means that it absorbs heat, transfers it away from you, and helps to keep you cool throughout the night.

The middle layer is a softer transitional foam that helps cradle your body, supporting you right where you need it. This layer is also great at stopping motion in its tracks, meaning that those who sleep a little lighter won’t wake up due to disturbances from the other side of the bed. The support layer is made with premium support foam, adding to the great support structure of the mattress.

When it comes to pressure relief, this mattress excels. The top layer and transition foam layer help cradle your entire body, keeping your deepest pressure points from causing too much discomfort even when you sleep in the same position all night long. Meanwhile, these layers also do a great job of stopping motion from transferring, so you won’t be disturbed. Further, every material used in this mattress is locally sourced. The mattress is assembled in Ontario, providing the perfect local touch for most Canadians.

Best Technology: The Simba 2500 Mattress


Check the latest price of the Simba 2500 Mattress


  • Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness: Medium Firm
  • Sleep Trial: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Great for: Couples and hot sleepers

Simba’s 2500 Hybrid Mattress is a hybrid that is packed with technology, proprietary materials, and benefits that you won’t find elsewhere. This unique mattress uses much smaller coils than the other options on our list, with layers of foams you won’t find elsewhere to support them. There are four layers inside this mattress, and each has something different to offer.

The cover is hand-knitted, with hypoallergenic materials and a breathable design. It works to reduce allergens but also keeps you cool, with enough additional airflow to make even the hottest sleepers comfortable. The first layer of foam is Simba’s proprietary SimbaTEX. This is an open-cell foam that distributes weight and heat evenly. This layer is also infused with graphite, which isolates and eliminates heat throughout the night. Those who sleep hot can avoid night sweats with this mattress.

With most hybrid mattresses, the support coils are at the bottom of the mattress. However, the Simba 2500 puts a layer of Aerocoil springs right in the centre of the construction. You will find up to 2,500 conical springs here. They help distribute pressure better than standard pocket coils, but they also won’t transfer motion like innerspring mattresses will. They are smaller than other types of coils and provide better airflow.

Below the Aerocoil springs are two additional layers of foam. The first is an edge-to-edge support foam. This layer of Simba-PURE foam is firmer than the other materials used throughout the mattress so far. It uses Edge Lift technology, which means that the support doesn’t drop off at the edges of the mattress. It continues throughout, so you get the same level of comfort no matter where you sleep. Finally, the Zoned Simba-Pure Base is firmly supportive, with seven support zones for ideal alignment. Open areas throughout this layer provide calculated points where the mattress will collapse, offering you different levels of support and comfort where you need them most.

How to Choose a Mattress in a Box in Canada

Basic Features

Before deciding on your next mattress purchase, consider these basic features and options.

Mattress Type

There are a few types of mattresses available on the Canadian market, and most of them are represented on our list.

  • All-foam mattresses use layers of foam blends, including memory foam and latex foam. They may use one type of foam for every layer or use a combination of different types of foam. Memory foam layers contour to the shape of your body, offering support right where you need it. Latex mattresses, on the other hand, are more responsive while keeping your pressure points supported.
  • Hybrid mattresses use layers of foam on top of pocketed coils. These coils are individually wrapped. When you lie down, they compress separately, creating ideal support. Because of the way the coils are wrapped, they also isolate motion and reduce the temperature at the core of the mattress. The foam layers provide a plush surface, and the coils offer stronger support than foam supports.


Firmness determines how a mattress feels, as well as how comfortable you find it. Each person has a different firmness preference, though the firmness you prefer is tied to the way you sleep in some cases.

In general, the following rules are true:

  • Stomach sleepers prefer mattresses with a plush surface but need strong support.
  • Soft mattresses are ideal for stomach sleepers and sleepers with a lighter body type.
  • Side sleepers like mattresses that offer pressure relief but keep their spine and hips aligned.
  • Medium mattresses are ideal for stomach sleepers and those with average builds.
  • Back sleepers need firmer mattresses with more support throughout.
  • Firm mattresses are best for stomach sleepers and those with heavier body types.

These rules are not set in stone. You may find that you like a different firmness than these rules say you should. Always go with the firmness that feels best for you regardless.

Sleep Trials

Since you can’t try mattress in a box mattresses before you make a purchase, a sleep trial is the next best thing. Some may agree that a sleep trial is the better way to try a mattress. Unlike the few moments you get at the store, a sleep trial allows you to keep the mattress at home for at least 30 nights. In some cases, the sleep trial ranges from 100 nights to 365 nights. This gives your body time to adjust to the new mattress, so you can tell how it will affect you in the long term.

Most sleep trials have varying conditions. However, all are worry-free. If you don’t like the mattress, you can return it during the sleep trial for a full refund. Some mattress companies donate used mattresses, so you don’t have to stress about wasting the materials.

Comfort Features

These comfort features can help elevate your mattress, especially if you have some common sleep-related difficulties like overheating or pressure points.

Temperature Control

Most Canadians wake up hot during the night or sweat throughout the night. Your mattress might be able to keep you cooler while you sleep. While memory foam mattresses usually retain a bit of heat, gel memory foam and breathable, open-cell foam can help reduce heat build-up.

You’ll want more breathable materials as well as proprietary blends that work to reduce temperature. Mattresses with pocket coils are great for keeping you cool too.

Motion Isolation

If you often wake up when your partner turns over or gets out of bed, a mattress with motion isolation can help you stay asleep. Foam mattresses naturally have some level of motion isolation, but active motion isolation can help reduce the disturbance from motions on the other side of the mattress.

Foam mattresses, pocket coil hybrids, and soft transition foam can isolate motion better than most other mattress materials. Open-cell foam is also great at keeping motion from moving across the bed.

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief is one of the most important features you can find in a mattress. Firmer mattresses can create more pressure than they relieve, but some mattresses perfectly balance relief and support. Pressure relief can keep you comfortable, particularly if you usually have uncomfortable pressure points that form throughout the night.

Finding a mattress that helps relieve this pressure, particularly if you don’t move a lot during the night, can be challenging. Look for softer transition layers and plush top layers to help relieve pressure.

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