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Wallpaper Trends for 2024

Does wallpaper seem like a big commitment? It is actually an easy and cost-effective way to change the personality of your space.
Wallpaper Trends for 2024. Credit: Pixabay

Wallpaper in 2024 is going to be easy to apply without ruining the paint or the wall below, making it perfect for renters or for anyone who is uncertain or thinks their mind may change. Wallpaper can be anything you want it to be, and the designs that are set to light up 2024 are breathtaking. Here are wallpaper trends for 2024!

Rich Warm Tones

Dark, warm, and inviting tones are coming back. If doing the whole room in a dark colour seems like too much, accent walls are still trendy and probably always will be for that reason. For the richness and warmth of colour, think about the dark reds, chocolates, and caramels that are neutral but inviting. For something a bit lighter, consider sepia, which will always be a warm and inviting neutral colour.

Classic Designs

Wallpaper can be patterned but also single coloured with a texture to the paper instead of a design. Bold prints and stripes are coming back. White coloured papers and backgrounds are also making a comeback, which are ideal when you have large artworks to display.


We are connecting much more to nature and it’s not just in colour. Botanically inspired prints and murals are also trendy. The colours of nature are fresh and rich. They can be bold or neutral and whether they are plain or patterned, they indicate a desire to connect with nature, and they look great anywhere. Greens in all shades are set to be big sellers in 2024.

Replicate natural woods and bricks

Covering walls with natural materials and cladding like wood panelling and brick or stone is always desirable, but it is also heavy, expensive, and fairly permanent. What if it could be done realistically with wallpaper? It would be much cheaper, changeable, and it follows the naturals trends and colour ideas of 2024, which is about the environment in both print and colours. The Edmonton Wallpaper Store has great selections and ideas.

Murals, Depth, and Design

Whether you go with an accent wall, or total immersion murals are another big thing this year. They bring in the nature themes easily and can give a sense of calm and escape.

Peel and Stick

A big reason for the resurgence in wallpaper is that it is much easier to apply with peel and stick papers, like ones you can get from Home Depot. Peel and stick wallpapers are great for anyone who is indecisive, or not planning that their decorating will be for the long-term. Peel and stick papers are lovely, and not necessarily permanent. With the new technologies, these papers look natural, and top quality, not like something just applied like a sticker.

Give some of these ideas a try and let your home look the way you want it.

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