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Self-Healing and Self-Cleaning Shingles, Solar Shingles & Silicon Roofing - Roofing Trends for 2024

HOME SWEET HOME – New technologies in roofing bring scientific benefits to an area of home repair that can be a big expense.
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Did you ever dream that those would be words applied to roofing? Traditionally, roofing shingles were attractive and cost effective, but easily damaged due to weather, mildew, or granule loss that happens because of wear and tear. Granule loss leads to moisture damage, cracking, and UV degradation.

Self-healing and Self-cleaning roof technologies

Self-healing shingles are made from thermoplastics that repairs scratches while the sun heats them. A thermoplastic is a polymer that becomes pliable when heated and then solidifies as it cools. As the sun heats the thermo-softening plastic, the polymer separates. As it cools the molecules in the thermoplastic materials create new bonds and seals the damage without harming the durability of the plastic itself.

Self-cleaning roofs are metal shingles that have been treated with new coating technologies that prevent water and dirt from sticking. This means that water buildup does not create mildew and that dirt is easily washed away in the rain.

The main benefit to both is that they are cost effective. There is no need to spend money to repair damages when the damage repairs itself.  Learn some more of the benefits.

Solar Shingles

Solar roofing is growing in popularity. Like solar panels, solar shingles use the same technologies to absorb sunlight and convert it into energy. Unlike panels, they can protect the home from the elements like regular shingles and they resemble shingles, so they look better too. Solar shingles are also more durable. These roof tiles are a part of the roof, not a panel sitting on top. They are resilient and stand up to weather challenges and falling debris.

Silicon Roofing

This is a coating that can fill in the cracks, blisters, and seams on roofs. Silicone coating does a great job of protecting the roof from weather and wear and tear. It can be a real cost-saver when a roof is still in good shape but is nearing the end of its warranty. The entire roof will not need to be removed and replaced, just treated with silicone roof coating.

In a harsh climate like Alberta’s, is important to protect homes from the elements. These new roofing technologies bring money saving benefits, clean energy, and lowered costs.

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