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Entryway Trends For 2024

Your entryway is the first thing your guests see, so how it looks matters. It is also your first and last sight into your home when you leave and come back each time.
Entryway Trends For 2024

How do you want your entryway to function? What are some of the entryway trends and ideas for 2024?

Give it Some Spark

The entryway should be its own space and should have a design that will appeal and impress. That means colour and focus. Here is a place that you can put a favourite piece of art, some furniture, or something magnificent that just doesn’t fit anywhere else. Furniture is helpful in the entryway so that there is a place to put shoes on or rest a bag or even groceries. Lighting and colour also give some “wow” to the overall design.

Storage space

The entryway is a good area for storage solutions. Think about floor to ceiling cabinets or shelves that look like they were made for the space. Storage space hides away the clutter and entrances have plenty of that from boots, shoes, and bags. Cabinets are also a great way to put things aside when you don’t need them until next season.

Depth and light

Windows, glass, and mirrors make statements and reflect light back as well. Lighting can make a small space look bigger and mirrors and glass can reflect the natural lighting and bring it into a space where it doesn’t naturally appear. Light fixtures are dramatic, but understated lighting may also work. A chandelier is a good idea to give depth and colour and attraction to the space. There are many trends and great ideas to plan the best lighting for the entryway space.

Colour Drenching

One new trend set to make some impact in 2024 is colour drenching, say experts. This trend works great in the entryway because it is rich, cost effective, and vibrant. For this, all that you do is choose a colour and use it for everything. Paint the walls, floors, ceiling, and doors the same colour. This creates a complete and overall design, treating everything the same. Just make sure you love the colour!

Remember, the entryway is meant to make your home look cared for, inviting and welcoming, as well as cared for and functional. The trends for 2024 include things like depth and warmth, something bold that grabs attention, functional storage, and comfortable furniture.

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