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Easy Hardware Updates to Tackle In A Weekend

HOME SWEET HOME – Here are some easy quests for the weekend warrior for hardware updates on electrical faceplates, faucets, handles, and hinges.
Swapping out that leaky faucet in the kitchen can be easily accomplished in a weekend for the DIYer. Credit: Pixabay

Home improvement doesn’t have to mean a big expense. There are renovation projects that can be done without high costs and that can be completed by yourself, even if you don’t have too much experience. Here are some easy DIY projects that can be done in a weekend.

Cabinet Hardware

This is an easy update for kitchen and bathroom knobs and drawer pulls. Give your room a quick and fresh update without replacing the whole cabinets or other woodwork. Just be sure that the new handles are the same size and have the same spacing as what is already in place. Take the existing hardware with you when you go to the hardware store to be sure. Then it’s easy and you only need a screwdriver.


These are also very easy to replace. If the hinges are removed one at a time it is not even necessary to take the whole door off. Change the hinges when the doors start to squeak, stick, or sag.


Replacing faucets may sound like a project that will take a little longer, or may be for the more experienced handyman, but it doesn’t have to be. This is quick and easy too. There are some steps involved. First, clear out under the sink and then shut off the water from the supply lines there. This is a great opportunity to get rid of old unwanted items that have just been stashed away down there! There are a lot of installation tips online that show how easy this is. It is an easy project to replace like with like, but it’s a bit tougher when you want to bring in something different.

Electrical Faceplates

Updating electrical outlets is inexpensive and easy, like the other DIY projects here. Replace the old and bring something more up to date by just replacing the covers. It doesn’t have to involve an electrician, but if you are not feeling up to doing your own electrical work you can just get new plates that make the whole thing look better. There are some outlet covers that go easily over the old plate. The old one is still there, it’s just hidden away. Try painting designs or use wallpaper to jazz up the old boring plates. There are even outlet covers that can be painted to match the walls.

Remember that these are meant to be simple DIY projects that come together in a day or so. Don’t stress about them and have fun!

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