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Three-piece act blowing the Whistle on Artists on Rails

The three-piece band has come to gain increasing acclaim for its history of opening for the likes of Juno award winner Lynn Miles, and playing in Sasquatch Fest alongside talents such as Bjork, Arcade Fire and Neko Case.

Perhaps even more incredible, however, are some of the stories that Gregg has acquired in his lifetime of musicianship. Stories that take its listeners back to 1969, when Gregg’s blues band opened for rock ‘n’ roll heavyweights, Led Zeppelin.

“I didn’t even know who they were,” recalled Gregg with a laugh. “But I knew who they were after the concert, I’ll tell you that much!”

Gregg said that opening for a band like that, and in front of such a large crowd, was an inspiration to him: a student at the time, Gregg said that’s when he made up his mind to play music professionally.

Now, touring as part of the three piece ensemble, Gregg said the band’s style has come into its own. He describes it as a more acoustic approach to music, but moving more towards an electric style with a drummer.

“If I want to I can throw in a psychadelic guitar solo, but that’s not what I’m all about,” Gregg said.

Marianne Garrah, Artists on Rails’ creator, said that she’s happy to wrap up the program’s third season with an act like this, and she’s looking forward to the possibility of running the program again next summer.

“It was a great success this year,” said Garrah. “We had an immense variety of talents riding the trains this year … musicians, authors, artists and children’s entertainers.” Garrah said that beyond using Artists on Rails to showcase the broad range of talent, it’s a program that has brought together several groups within the community.

“If it wasn’t such a team effort it [Artists on Rails] wouldn’t be possible.”

Amico, Brian and Moses Gregg will be playing at the Whistle Stop Thursday and Friday (September 27 and 28) at 9 p.m.

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