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PJ Day’s success a group effort

Dear Editor,

This PJ Day (February 27) we did something special, together. We experienced first hand, the energy of marching together for a good cause. The feeling of support and community was unparalleled in my personal experience, and I am grateful to each and every one of you.

The day started off with the Firemen’s Pancake breakfast. The crew that made it possible was amazing. Gluten free pancakes were mixed and cooked right on site by Jasper’s finest along with sausages, coffee and juice. We started off the day with heroes and ended it with superheroes.

From the more than 600 people who signed up to walk together, to the others who joined us along the way, to the ones who couldn’t come out from work to join us but wore their PJs in support, to the volunteers who helped with set-up, sign-up, traffic control, photography, videography, banner carriers, and indi-film makers; you made the PJ record attempt a fantastic and memorable experience. Definitely one worth repeating—and crushing.

The dinner wouldn’t have happened without the volunteer army that worked behind the scenes. From the prep cooking the day before, to starting the supper prep on PJ Day, set up, bussing and dishwashing. Then there was Shirley and her amazing crew in the kitchen, and everyone who jumped on board to take it all down at the end of the night; you’re all amazing and we’re lucky to all have each other backing us.

The fashion event by Jasper’s own new designer, Grace Feniak, couldn’t have happened without the volunteers doing hair and make-up, styling and jewelry, photography, set-up, model assistance, and of course the hundreds of hours put in by Grace herself to design and sew the gowns.

The silent auction was only possible and successful because of the dozens of items and services, worth thousands of dollars, donated by businesses and individuals in Jasper and beyond. None of this could have been pulled off without the many volunteer hours organizing donations and monitoring the auction tables. Thank you all!

Thanks to everyone who started their own PJ event and to all the folks around town who donated tips, earnings, and collections to our fundraising efforts.

The foundation (Find The Common Thread Foundation) and it’s members have been solid. My family who is unmatched, equally impressive. I am humbled by this giving community, and I’m honoured to call Jasper home.

Together, on this one day, we were able to raise and give the MacMahon family trust fund $10,000.
Jasper, from the very first day I saw you in 1978, I knew you rocked. Last Friday, you showed me once again that you truly are the best little town on the planet. I am eternally grateful to be part of this scene, and for all the people in it.

Marta Rode
Jasper, Alta.

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