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Minister of Culture visits Jasper Elementary School

Klimchuk was greeted by superintendent of schools, Cory Gray and Betsy DeClercq, school trustee for Grande Yellowhead Public School Division, as well as Principal Raymond Blanchette-Dube and Vice Principal Paulette Trottier.

Klimchuck received the grand tour of JES by students Hope Deagle and Jessa Czornoi, who showed the minister the fall themed artwork students used to decorate the halls.

Klimchuck next attended lunch in the school library with several students, which was hosted by Marianne Garrah, with Habitat for the Arts. The minister asked the children and teachers many questions and learned a great deal about JES and the many programs promoting arts and culture.

Klimchuck was particularly taken by the view the children had outside their window, suggesting it was more than just spectacular.

“It’s healing,” said Klimchuck.

Klimchuck noted her opinion that Jasper was an important point in the middle of a “tourism triangle,” which included Banff and Edmonton. She felt it was important to promote Jasper’s culture. 

The students each received t-shirts and pins as a parting gift from the minister.

Klimchuck was next greeted by Mayor Richard Ireland, Parks Canada staff, including Supt. Greg Fenton, and the construction superintendent for the municipal library renovation project. Klimchuck received a tour of the construction site and learned about how Habitat for the Arts and Jasper Artists Guild would have a centre within the new building. While visiting the future “cultural centre” Klimchuck was fascinated to learn about its many features. While visiting the future pottery room, she received a brand new handmade bowl, part of the Bowls with Souls event that would take place later in the week.

Klimchuck also received some history and insight into the delicate restorations of the old library building, such as the careful consideration into preserving the 86-year-old glass panes in the windows and the restoration of the original brass heating units, which will be re-installed for show only. 

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