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Former Jasper resident returns as ‘Eco Elf’

For the kids, she’s Kiki the Eco Elf, a green-haired singing, dancing, magic-making character who loves a good sing-a-long. For the parents, she’s Tanya, an award-winning singer-songwriter and one-woman band, who bares her soul on stage while dabbling in all genres of music.

On July 13, the multi-talented artist will bring both her personas back to Jasper, as she kicks off a cross-Canada tour.

“I love Jasper,” she said. “I lived there for a decade and wrote a lot of the material on my first few albums there.”

Lipscomb’s tour is in promotion of her two latest releases, Around the World on a Loop Pedal and Children of the Earth. The first release is Lipscomb as Tanya and the latter is Lipscomb as Kiki.

While in Jasper, she’ll perform at the Jasper Legion, first as Kiki, then as herself.

Performing in two very different roles, with only a few hours between shows, has its challenges.

“I just pray and hope that I don’t mix up the jokes,” she said with a laugh. “No! I’m joking. That’s never happened yet, but there have been moments where I’m like, ‘Who am I right now? Who do I have to be?’”

But even with those questions in mind, Lipscomb always knows what she is and who she is. 

“I’m an entertainer! And I love the stage.”

The one things that’s the same with both of Lipscomb’s shows is that they’re very interactive and they always get people on their feet. So, she advises everyone bring their dancing shoes.

During her Kiki show, she promises the kids a dance party to educational songs about the environment. While for the parents, she guarantees dance tunes with influences from around the world.

Using a loop pedal, Lipscomb builds a band in front of the audience, playing guitar, bass, piano, drums, washboard and percussion instruments.

“It’s pretty wild,” she said about her live shows. “We’re going all over the world on a loop pedal.

“My new album is pretty revolutionary. It’s really cool. It’s got really funky, hooky grooves and musical influences from all over the world – Latin influences, African, a lot of variety in musical influence. 

“I play funk, jazz, celtic, soul, rock, folk, roots and blues.”

Lipscomb’s tour will take her as far as Quebec City and then back to Vernon, B.C. where she now lives.

She chose Jasper as her kicking off point for the tour because it’s the place where Kiki was born.

To see Lipscomb perform, visit the Jasper Legion July 13. Kiki the Eco Elf will be on stage at 5 p.m. and Lipscomb, as herself, will be on at 9 p.m.  

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