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Resident credit system launching for paid parking

The 500-hour program will launch this week for paid parking that will require residents to actively manage their parking sessions downtown. | P.Shokeir photo

Peter Shokeir |

Most residents will have to use the HotSpot app or website beginning this week in order to manage their parking sessions downtown.

Residential permit holders will receive a code for 500 hours of free parking when the program launches and will use it when parking.

“It’s a process that’s similar to people who would pay, except with this code, it will allow residents to do it for free, and that’s how we’re tracking their 500 hours,” said Christine Nadon, director of Legislative and Protective Services for the Municipality of Jasper.

“If and when someone is approaching their 500 hours, we’ll send them a notification.”

Residential permit holders have been able to park for free so far this season until the credit system was ready to launch.

Warnings will be issued during the first full week of the 500-hour program so residents have a chance to comply.

To be exempt from the program, permits are available for residents living in the paid parking zone, company vehicles for local businesses and those who have mobility challenges or do not have a smartphone.

Nadon said the program provides some leeway for residents having to go downtown but also incentivizes them to walk or bike instead.

“Council wanted some level of friction, if you will, to make people think twice about driving their vehicles there,” she said.

So far this season, bylaw officers have issued 93 tickets, of which 92 were to visitors and one to a resident.

Paid Parking will be in effect downtown until Oct. 31.

More details are available at

Rules of cycling

Jasper is giving the public a reminder about proper cycling etiquette.

Anyone under 18 years old is required to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle.

Only children 10 and under are allowed to ride on the sidewalk, meaning adults are prohibited from riding on the sidewalk.

“Downtown, you got to be 10 and under to ride on the sidewalk, and you have to be accompanied by an adult,” Nadon added.

Cyclists are not allowed to ride more than two abreast.

“That means when you’re biking down the street with your friends, you should try to keep two next to each other (at most) so you’re not interfering with traffic,” Nadon said.

When on the street, cyclists must obey the same traffic laws as motor vehicles, such as stopping at stop signs and properly signalling when turning.

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