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RCMP still searching for May Milling

photo563.jpgThe RCMP are still searching for an 81-year-old female who went missing on a car trip from Jasper to Kamloops, B.C. earlier this month. The woman, May Milling of Gibsons, B.C., departed from Jasper in the morning hours of Sept. 2 and was due in Kamloops to meet with a friend that evening.  

According to Cpl. Tony Dolhan of the Jasper detachment, the vehicle Milling was operating, a Blue 2009 Buick Lucerne four-door sedan with B.C. license plate 147 LHF, has not been located. Milling has a cell phone which is not activated.

RCMP were advised of Milling’s non-appearance on Sept. 3, and since that time RCMP detachments between Jasper and Kamloops have been checking for her and her vehicle. In addition to RCMP patrols of the area, the RCMP helicopter from Kamloops B.C., has also engaged in completing an aerial search of the highway area.

“On Sept. 9, we actually walked both sides of the highway from Jasper to the B.C. Border,” said Cpl. Dolhan. “Nothing was located. We can tell from the bush-line whether a car has left the road and in smaller shrubbed areas, we’ll go a little farther in to look for indicators of a car leaving the road.”

Cpl. Dolhan said the Jasper detachment will maintain the investigation, with the Kamloops detachment and the Sunshine Coast detachment also assisting.

“We have sent out communications to all Alberta and B.C. Detachments regarding her disappearance,” said Cpl. Dolhan. “The odd thing about this case is that there is no foul play suspected. There were medical conditions though, and everything is indicating that she probably drove off the road.”

He further explained that there is a lot of difficult terrain to search along the highway to Kamloops.

“The Kamloops unit did a flyover of Highway 16 to Jasper, but due to the canopy cover and terrain in some areas, the vehicle would not be noticeable from the air anyway.” 

There are no further investigative objects available to the Jasper RCMP at this point, though Milling’s cell phone, On-Star service, credit cards and bank cards are all being monitored for activation and use.

“We are not anticipating that that will happen though,” said Cpl. Dolhan. “Basically this is a matter of waiting until she is found.”

The file will not be closed until Milling is found and Cpl. Dolhan said that because of her age and the type of incident, the file is considered a high-risk investigation.

“This individual’s trip was pre-planned, she always uses the same route and she always keeps in contact with her roommate, so not hearing from her is unusual.”

If any member of the public has any information about this person or vehicle please contact the Jasper RCMP at 780-852-4848.

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