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Local gymnasts find success in leaps and bounds

The Jasper competitive girls’ gymnastics team from left: Kiara Davis, Sienna Gulevich, Peyton Yagminas, Lexi Bardarson, Sofia Artiaga and Arielle Langley (not pictured Lucy Caputa). | J.Stockfish photos

Jason Stockfish |

The Jasper competitive girls’ gymnastics team has had an impressive year, bringing home the goods from four competitions in their 2022 season.

The seven members of the local squad are Arielle Langley, Sofia Artiaga, Kiara Davis, Lexi Bardarson, Sienna Gulevich, Peyton Yagminas and Lucy Caputa.

The team is coached by Gyorgy Baranyai and Jaqui Chabrel is the president of the local gymnastics club.

When they are not at a competition, the gymnasts are training nine hours a week, from September until the end of June, with some additional training in the summer months. 

“These girls have been so dedicated and diligent to their sport,” Chabrel said.

In 2022, the gymnasts competed in four events; one in Spruce Grove, another in Airdrie and two others in St. Albert.

“Due to COVID, there were no competitions for the past two years (but) they continued to train for (those) two years with the hope that competitions would be running again, and they would be ready,” Chabrel said.

The Jasper competitive girls’ gymnastics team display their skills.

And ready they were.

Each of the gymnasts found great success at the competitions, and the proud athletes showed off the medals and ribbons they were awarded for the hours, days and years they have dedicated to refining their impressive skills.

As the competitive events for the team wrapped up, the gymnasts displayed just a few of their moves in synchronicity with one another for admiring onlookers.

After a summer of light training, the competitive girls’ gymnastics team will begin a new season.

If this past year is any indication of the future, the team will continue to find success in leaps and bounds.

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