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Letter to the Editor: Saying ‘thank you’

Yellowhead MP Gerald Soroka. | Supplied photo

Dear Editor,

I believe in saying “thank you”. I would like to express my appreciation to our MP Gerald Soroka’s office. Specifically, the hard work of Alison and Annette. In February my wife and I planned our first major “post-Covid” trip. This involved getting her and my son new passports. We didn’t want to wait until the last minute – so in March we applied to Edson Service Canada (expected delivery for the end of April). This didn’t happen; I wrote to our MP and the Deputy Minister of Service Canada – it was impossible to reach Service Canada by phone. Gerald’s office lit fires and I was contacted by Service Canada. Long story short – Service Canada continued to sit on both passport applications until the start of June. We received my wife’s passport, but my son’s continued to sit in Mississauga. Service Canada called me to explain that nothing had been done to my son’s application. I sent another letter asking what was happening in Mississauga that they couldn’t process an application that they had for almost 90 days. The government expects us to be on time with taxes, but they can’t meet their own guidelines for Service Canada?

Gerald’s office pushed more; I received another call from Service Canada (Mississauga). The gentleman I spoke to indicated he had my son’s passport and could approve it; but the fastest way was to transfer it to Edmonton. I didn’t care about how it happened, as long as it was quick. He told me I’d have to call the same phone number (that didn’t work the first time) to request a transfer. My patience eroded and I explained to the young man on the phone we would go back to the option where he would approve it and get it into the mail ASAP. 

Throughout all of this, the ladies at Gerald’s office supported me. I also watched Gerald speak during question period about why this situation was happening to Canadians. Happily, yesterday we finally received my son’s passport (appx. 92 days later). Here are my thoughts… First of all, I appreciate the hard work of the ladies in our MP’s office. I want them to know that I don’t have to look my son in the eye and explain that we can’t go on the vacation that he’s desperately looking forward to (because they advocated for us). As a dad this means everything to me. To Gerald, I appreciate you taking your role as opposition seriously and holding the Government accountable. As a voter I thank you for the hard work and time that you put into your job as our MP. To the current Government of Canada, please remember you have a job to do. I know this can be difficult, but the Canadian Government promises “Peace, Order and Good Government”. You were warned (by your own civil servants) that this threat was looming, and you failed to listen…maybe next time you might take their advice a little more seriously.

Ryan Maguhn,
Hinton, Alta.

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