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Letter to the Editor: Response to ‘Highway Safety’

In response to a Letter to the Editor by Beth Everest in the August 25th Edition.

I totally agree with her “Highway Safety” concerns and her question, “Why do people going out to the cemetery need to risk life and limb to make that left turn?”

While a stretch of the Highway was being replaced; obviously, the cemetery road was important enough to lay a portion of new pavement and to paint a bright yellow lane marker and yet, NOT important enough to leave the left turning lane that had always been there in the past.

Thankfully, traffic lights were installed at the JPL exit otherwise a visit to a loved one would be even more dangerous both going to and coming from the cemetery.

As it is, the angle of the cemetery road makes it impossible to see and exit safely unless you position your vehicle and yourself in a very awkward way.

Several years ago, I too wrote letters to the editor expressing concerns about the removal of the left turning lane after a speeding vehicle went by me, at the very last minute, on the right-hand shoulder causing my car to shudder and sway. A car was ahead of me also turning left and waiting for oncoming traffic to clear. The “what ifs” still go through my mind years later.

After finally speaking to someone to express my concerns, I was told that the left turning lane, to the cemetery, was removed so highway traffic could “flow smoother” and now hearing that that decision was made as a result of a Banff study! To quote Beth, and I agree, “What sense does that make?”

Would like to add another “close call” story from a friend. She signalled her intentions to turn left, with plenty of advanced notice for the vehicle behind. The coast was clear of oncoming traffic so she started into her turn. To her horror the small truck behind her passed her on the left side nearly hitting her or her him! Very shaken she even checked her signal lights to make sure they were working and they were….

Jenny Krauss,
Jasper, Alta.

Editor’s note: The letter was updated to add an extra comment.

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