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Kevin Kritiques: White Collar

Kevin Lazzari | Special to the Fitzhugh

In 2009, Jeff Eastin created the show “White Collar” and it ran for five years. I was lucky that I stumbled across the show, because it became one of my favorites. I like a good mystery, and shows that have clever dialogue. Each episode has a case to be solved, and there is always a conclusion. There are subplots that run through the entire show, but they do not distract from the case of the week. There is a certain style to the show that sets it apart from other detective series.

Matt Bomer plays a con artist that gets paired up with FBI agent Tim DeKay. Bomer is released from prison to help DeKay solve cases that are impossible to solve. Matt can stay in jail or help Tim with his insight as a mastermind criminal. The show is called “White Collar” for a reason, because Matt Bomer only broke the law using white collar parameters. Matt’s specialty is forging paintings, and stealing valuable art. The FBI uses Bomer’s skills to catch criminals that think they are untouchable.

I have always found that there is one character that steals the show, and it is not always intentional. In “White Collar,” there is a character by the name of Mozzie who is played by Willie Garson. I could not get enough of Garson, because his oddball style, and his conspiracy theories were always over the top. He plays Matt Bomer’s best friend, and the two are the ultimate con artists.

The show is unique because the violence is kept to a minimum which is why it is called “White Collar.” Each episode has the viewer trying to figure out all the angles and if Matt is the smartest one in the room. Check it out if you are looking for a show with style and a guy called Mozzie.

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