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Kevin Kritiques: The Gray Man

Kevin Lazzari | Special to the Fitzhugh

OK, just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in. I have become tired of Netflix’s buffet of mediocre when it comes to their action flicks. Nothing jumped out and piqued my interest until I noticed the movie, “The Gray Man.” I read the synopsis and thought maybe I should take a chance. The whole spy versus spy concept intrigued me, because I immediately thought of the cartoon from Mad Magazine. Granted, the movie is nothing like the cartoon, but two spies specialized in the art of assassination pitted against each other makes for a great story.

The real hook for me was the two stars that were set to play the lead parts. The first spy is Ryan Gosling, and the second spy is Chris Evans. I have been sitting on the fence when it comes to Gosling’s work, but this movie has pushed me over the edge. He held his own in every scene and played the part as it was intended. The real surprise was Chris Evans playing the villain. You would not think he would play the bad guy after his work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but thankfully for us, he did. It seemed that the part was tailor-made for Evans because of how far he pushed the character. The action sequences between Gosling and Evans were some of the best fight scenes in the last couple of years. Thank you, Netflix, for spending $200 million and keeping us entertained for two hours and two minutes.

There are already rumors of a sequel, and I hope that becomes a reality. A fast-paced spy film that has volumes of action is what Netflix needed to produce. I would have paid to see this film in the theaters. Check it out if you are looking for an action flick that delivers.

Kevin Lazzari, owner of Video Stop, is reviewing movies for the Fitzhugh. “The Gray Man” (2022) is now available for digital streaming and download.

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