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Jasper Art Gallery showcasing spring-themed group exhibition

Louise Hayes used fabric to create the pieces in the foreground, which include “Dragonfly in Reeds” (left) and “Dragonfly in Rushes” (right). | P.Shokeir photos

Peter Shokeir |

Spring has sprung at the Jasper Art Gallery as artists display their works in a group exhibition, “The Colour of Spring,” from April 14 to May 14.

Michael Flisak is a local artist who is one of the founding members of the Jasper Artists Guild and sits on the curatorial and adjudication committees.

Flisak has his abstract work on display for the spring exhibition, explaining how the “open-ended” criteria around the exhibition allowed artists to better express themselves.

“There’s people who do all kinds of things, and we want to keep it as open-ended as possible so that we explore ideas around spring, like more general, like the colour of spring,” he said.

The group exhibition features a variety of mediums including acrylic, fabrics, inks, mixed media, oils, photography and watercolour.

“Pink Echinacea” is a watercolour painting by Sam Wilson.

Most of the pieces were pictures, although some three-dimensional pieces were on display, such as wooden sculptures.

“For the most part, everyone showing is a members,” Flisak said.

“There are two different kinds of memberships—there’s members who just want to support the gallery and don’t show their work and that’s a lower tier membership, and there’s the full membership where the artists get to participate in the shows but they have to fulfill their part of the agreement, which is eight hours of volunteering minimum each month.”

All of the artwork on the walls is for sale, with a 30 per cent commission on most shows supporting the gallery and remaining 70 per cent going to the artists.

Flisak estimated that over 20 members had submitted pieces for “The Colour of Spring.”

“People are always interested in these shows,” Flisak said, noting that some pieces had already been sold.

Viewing hours and more details can be found at

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