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Hockey on the pond

The Wavy Lake Walleyes (blue) won 15-11 against the Idiot Brothers (yellow) during the final game in the Jasper Pond Hockey Challenge on Mildred Lake at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge on Jan. 30. | P.Shokeir photo

Peter Shokeir |

Teams competed on a frozen at Mildred Lake for Canadian Hockey Enterprises’ pond hockey tournament at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge on Jan. 29-30.

The Ontario-based hockey company has been putting on the Jasper Pond Hockey Challenge since 2014.

“It was just that we did a lot of digging and just trying to find pretty scenic places that would be a cool feel for adults in the mountains, and Jasper was at the top of our list,” said Chad Cavanagh with Canadian Hockey Enterprises.

“We’ve heard amazing things about Jasper and the Fairmont, and it was just too good not to try it.”

Organizers had to cancel last year’s challenge due to COVID-19 but were able to bring the event back this year.

This year’s event is a highlight of Jasper in January and one of the only major events not to be cancelled due to Omicron, as the challenge is hosted outdoors.

The challenge had 14 teams within three divisions with players coming from all over Alberta.

The final game ended with the Wavy Lake Walleyes winning 15-11 against the Idiot Brothers.

“We will look at growing it next year once COVID is hopefully over,” Cavanagh said.

“It’s just been sort a remarkable situation there in the mountains with the ice and the ponds and how they look after it, the Fairmont itself, so it was just too good not to try it, and it’s been very successful since.”

Cavanagh noted how many of the same teams keep coming back each year.

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