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The Fitzhugh welcomes complaints, praise, damnation and any other form of response to what you read in our newspaper. Diverse and varied opinions are welcome. Letters can be submitted by email, fax, snail mail or in person to our offices at 626 Connaught Drive. The Fitzhugh reserves the right to accept or refuse any or all material submitted for publication and maintains the right to exercise discretion in these matters. The Fitzhugh reserves the right to edit all submissions for libel, length, content and style. Please limit letters to 400 words. Letters must include your name and phone number or email, for verification purposes. We do not publish Anonymous Letters nor do we publish letters of Thanks, Gratitude or Congratulations to individuals or organizations as Letters to the Editor.

Letter: How much RCMP should Hinton have?

Dear Editor: Policing is one of the most important things the Town of Hinton does, for two reasons. First, protecting citizens from crime is a very basic function of government. Second, it’s a big part of our budget, with expenditures on the RCMP soon to exceed $2.5 million out of $29.5 million total. So, as we start drafting the upcoming budget, we really should take a comprehensive look at what we’re doin ...

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Letter to the Editor: Saying ‘thank you’

Yellowhead MP Gerald Soroka. | Supplied photo Dear Editor, I believe in saying “thank you”. I would like to express my appreciation to our MP Gerald Soroka’s office. Specifically, the hard work of Alison and Annette. In February my wife and I planned our first major “post-Covid” trip. This involved getting her and my son new passports. We didn't want to wait until the last minute – so in March we applied to ...

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Letter to the editor

Dear Editor, Part of Jasper Brewing’s goal is to showcase our community – to share with the world all that is special and unique about this place. Jasper is our home, we were born and raised here and we have a responsibility to the community because we’re a part of it. At its simplest, we make and serve good beer and we have a good time doing it. We’re always happy to crack a joke and share a laugh with our ...

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Letter to the editor: Remembrance Day

As we approach Remembrance Day, I’d like to pay tribute to the veteran members of The War Amps. The War Amps was started by amputee veterans returning from the First World War to help each other adapt to their new reality as amputees. They then welcomed amputee veterans following the Second World War, sharing all that they had learned. These founding members then established the Key Tag Service, which is st ...

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Letter to the editor: COVID precautions

While Alberta is, according to Premier Kenney, “open for business”, the group of which I was a part last evening (Aug. 6) were shocked and more than a little dismayed at the “party central” atmosphere in one of the popular, well-known local restaurants where we had booked a table last night . The servers were not masked, there was a constant stream of traffic passing our table. In fact, we made our choice a ...

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Letter to the editor: Federal environmental process emits Liberal votes

It would appear that in Quebec a high-carbon-emitting cement plant does not need an environmental review while in Alberta the expansion plans for a coal mine do. Also, if you’re in Alberta, the federal minister of Environment and Climate Change, the guy that makes the final decisions, doesn’t mind telling you prior to your federal review that your plans don’t fit his commitments. Whereas in Quebec, the impl ...

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Letter to the editor: Silence implies consent

I am an Albertan. I was born here and have lived most of my life near Edson. My parents lived in Mountain Park, Alta. after WWII until the coal mine closed in 1950. My older brother was born there. I have spent some of my working life at a few of the different coal mines in the area. I have lots of friends who are or have been coal miners in the local open pit operations. Many have left the area to pursue e ...

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Editorial: An acute case of lockdown whiplash

Peter Shokeir | Consistency is a luxury that our society might not be able to afford in the COVID era. But that doesn’t mean much of this back and forth between easing and reinstating restrictions is unavoidable. On April 6, Premier Jason Kenney announced that Alberta is returning to Step 1 of the four-step framework. Updated mandatory health measures came into effect for retail, fitness ...

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Letter: MLA Martin Long responds to new health restrictions

The premier has always welcomed debate and a diversity of views within our caucus. I’m personally in favour of a more regional approach, so I’m disappointed with the reintroduction of some restrictions in areas less affected by the virus. A new caucus working group is being formed to work on potential regional reopening plans with Dr. Deena Hinshaw. I’m looking forward to that work getting underway. I’ve he ...

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Letter to the editor: Thank you, COVID!

Not what you’d expect to hear from someone who is immune compromised and living in anxiety over catching a “bug” that could subsequently trigger a life-threatening flare. I’ve had many people who I haven’t seen for a while approach me and tell me they’re thinking of me during this insane time. They worry how I’m processing the threat of COVID. My sense of ease around this pandemic throws them off. Let me ex ...

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