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A Guide to Readers’ Choice

Peter Shokeir |

The Fitzhugh has brought back Readers’ Choice for its second year with the voting platform launching this week.

Readers’ Choice gives our readers a chance to pick their favourite business in a variety of categories.

Voting is limited to one enter per user each week and will close at the end of Friday, July 29.

Readers can only vote for businesses/entities within Jasper National Park and the Hinton area. Other votes will be invalid and not counted.

When you vote, you will be entered to win a gift certificate from Warrior Women (herbs, bitters, salts, etc.) with a value well over $50. The winner will be decided by random draw.

To vote, simply visit our webpage at

We have five main category families:

Business: From hotels to clothing stores, this section covers a variety of business categories. Not every sector could be included, particularly when there is only one or no local businesses serving that sector, but we hoped to capture at least some of the diversity within Jasper’s business community.

Food and Beverage: Got a favourite place for French fries? How about a slice of pizza? An ice cream cone? Jasperites can pick out their favourite places to get certain food items. It’s all good, but who’s got the best what?

Best Eating: Yet another restaurant category to reflect the number of good spots to eat in town. Unlike the last category, this one focuses on dining styles and overall experience. What’s the most romantic restaurant in town? Where’s a good place for the family? And which restaurant is at the top of the heap?

Miscellaneous: This is for the few oddballs that don’t fit into any other categories. Nonetheless, they are deserving of recognition. These include attractions, band/musician, non-profits and sports groups.

Top Businesses: Perhaps the most coveted category of all! Who’s the Business of the Year? What about best business overall for under 10 employees? How about over 10 employees? Let’s not forget to honour the best new business.

The results will be published in our Aug. 25 issue.

Winners will be informed beforehand so they have the chance to buy an ad. Every ad will have a ribbon letting the public know what categories the business won in.

Of course, not every business can afford to run an ad right now and that’s understandable, but if you win, your name gets to appear in the list of winners no matter what.

Happy voting, everyone!

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