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Dinner theatre returns to Jasper

Bedrooms is Jasper Theatre Company’s fourth show and newcomer Anna Marie Cerovski’s first performance with the crew. 

“It’s a team effort, everyone’s been collaborating with costumes and props, which is awesome,” she said. The production boasts a total of 11 performers.

The Jasper Theatre Company formed in 2009 with the aim of providing quality live theatre in town. “When I think back to the very first play we did a couple of years ago … we really came into the room [not knowing anyone],” said Erin Pettipas.

“We hang out, we’ve gotten to be really good friends throughout this,” she added. “We have a lot of other common interests, other than theatre.” 

The actors and actresses in Jasper Theatre Company span a range of ages and use their own experiences to make the characters come alive on stage.

“We’ve been trying to get together as much as we can [since getting the script in January],” said Lena Olson.

Setting aside time can be a challenge, especially because everyone works full time and has their own life, but all are dedicated to providing a top-notch production. They appreciate all the support from community members.

“Arts Jasper has been really supportive; they’ve funded everything and taken all the risk,” said Cerovski. 

“It’s great that we get the support of the community, especially from Marianne Garrah and David Baker from Habitat for the Arts,” said Matt Turnbull. “That’s why we have this [rehearsal] space, because of [Garrah and Baker].”

And of course, there wouldn’t be dinner theatre productions if people didn’t show up. “If there’s no audience then we’re just a bunch of people [standing on stage],” said Adrian Butler.

Bedrooms has some mature subject matter and is intended for an adult audience.  “Be prepared for a racy comedy,” said Olson.

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