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Call to Jasper artists for entries to 2019 book

Entries for a compendium of Jasper art must be submitted to Habitat by September 1 so the 50-page book can be published in the fall.

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Artists in Jasper are being called upon to showcase their work in a new book.

Habitat for the Arts is compiling a collection of paintings, drawings, poetry and short stories to bind into a hardback book called Seeing Jasper Through the Eyes of its Artists.

Spearheaded by Marianne Garrah and David Baker, the book may be the first of many to show what our mountain town has to offer.

Baker said: “In Japan, artists are the keepers of the culture. 

“Everyone has a premeditated idea of Jasper, its lakes and mountains, and its people depict their Jasper in their art. 

“This will showcase what makes this place special. 

“You will get a great sense of what this place has off the beaten track, away from the attractions.”

Garrah has worked with artists in Jasper since 1992 and said the ability to promote yourself is an ongoing struggle.

She said this book will be a great way for artists to showcase their work and their view of Jasper.

“You see the books in the tourist shops but this is really personal to Jasper,” she said.

“I think it is important because it is going to draw a lot of people out who don’t normally think ‘I can show my picture of Jasper.’ 

“I think we are going to find some closet artists.”

Garrah said she hopes the book will be successful and at least one will be published every year.

Entries must be submitted to Habitat by September 1 so the 50-page book can be published in the fall.

All profits from sales will go to residents of the Cultural Spaces building: ACFA, Jasper Artists’ Guild, the library, Arts Jasper and Habitat.

Submitted works should be in a high resolution digital images with a 300 character comment on the artist. 

The visual arts can be any size but will be formatted to fit a 7×10-inch page, and written entries should be a maximum of 500 words.

Garrah said: “The theme is Jasper. 

“Each artist is going to get one page so pick one picture that represents Jasper to you, your best poem that is Jasper to you.”

Send your submissions to or drop them off at Habitat for the Arts.

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