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Artist explores new mediums

The resulting pieces, titled A Musements, are being displayed at the Habitat for the Arts in the People’s Gallery until March 1. 

What’s special about these works of art is that they were created in Costa Rica, while Szathmary was on an artist’s retreat at the Julia and David White Artist’s Colony located in Ciudad Colón, Costa Rica. It was her first departure from painting on paper, to the wooden planks. She used a monochromatic colour scheme to create vibrant, lively pieces that are receiving praise from those who have caught a glimpse at the People’s Gallery. Szathmary explored six colours and played with shapes and her chosen colours. She never did finish the pieces, until the Habitat for the Art’s Marianne Garrah encouraged her to pull them out of the closet and finish them up to be hung at the Habitat for a few weeks. Szathmary said she has no idea where her inspiration came from, past the use of bright colours.

“A lot of it’s very intuitive,” she said. 

Usually Szathmary sticks to smaller pieces and creates patterns and designs. She says the size of each board was a challenge, and she did her best to use depth of field to create something unique. The experience has left her with a desire to keep pursuing different kinds of art.

“It’s like a springboard for me to kind of develop and keep developing.”

Szathmary calls the pieces “lovely accidents.”

The artist has never done a show before, and was hesitant to hang her pieces in public. She says she has a constant battle over whether or not to display her pieces, and wonders what art is really for – display for others, or for the creation and enjoyment of the artist?

“It’s scary, you know. You really put yourself out there,” Szathmary said of displaying her artwork, although she adds that sharing it is all part of the process. She went on to muse about the possibility of pursuing a larger and more formal show in the future. She says the challenge for her is to bare what she has created, and “be brave enough to be imperfect.”

Szathmary has spent months at the Costa Rica retreat, which accepts artists of all forms who submit their portfolios to be accepted. While there, Szathmary has mingled with artists from the U.S. Japan and more, with skill levels ranging from developing to experts. Depending on how long each artist stays, they get together at the end of their time and share the pieces they created. Many people are repeat customers, and return year after year to be inspired by the cozy, friendly place away from the mainstream tourist rush of Costa Rica. 

“It’s a well loved place,” Szathmary said. She reminisces about the beautiful tropical flowers that change constantly. “All season long new flowers come out.”

Szathmary first attended the retreat in 2006, and returned in 2007 and 2009, and hopes to go back again in the future. 

“I’m very, very fortunate to have a lot of time to explore.”

Once the show at the Habitat is finished, Szathmary hopes to return to some unfinished projects and use up the remainder of her paints to clean out her closet of art projects. In the process, she hopes she can develop her skills further. 

A Musements will be at the Habitat for the Arts until at least March 1.  

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