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The vanishing wild

Dear editor,

For love of Canada let’s sit upon the ground

And tell sad stories of the death of Parks

How some have been destroyed, some despoiled

By unseemly structures on the shores of misty lakes,

Where moose once nursed their young but come no more;

Where the loon’s cry no longer wavers o’er the land

And where the shy bittern calls in vain.

Where commerce builds a shrine of rusting steel

To unseen glaciers and usurps a one-time view.

Where are those who called to halt this desecration?

They have been shuffled out and replaced by those

Who question not but chart the insidious destruction

Of Canada’s iconic wild at the command

Of faceless bureaucrats who draw their bonuses, their pensions

And retire untroubled by their past decrees that have

Enriched commerce at the expense of these ‘protected’ lands.

But the inner voice is fey and in the dark night of old age

Will they hear one last fading echo of the loon

And shuffling of the great bear as it seeks peace

Where peace no longer reigns

In these great Parks?

– Jill Seaton

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