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Students showcase art with public exhibit

Student art classFrom paper mâché to oil paintings on canvas, a group of 19 students from Jasper Elementary School transformed Habitat for the Arts into a gallery on April 19.

Supervised by Vanessa Martin, the school’s art teacher, dozens of pieces of art were hung around the room and invitations were sent out to parents to drop by to see their children’s creative side.

“We did a lot of really different projects,” said Joelle Bouchard, a Grade 8 student.

One of those projects included creating a self-portrait with a mirror using scratffiti, a scratch pad that lets artists create a design on special black paper.

Sophie Pfisterer, another Grade 8 student, said one of her favourite assignments was a scribbling project.

“The scribbling project was really fun because it was really relaxed. We had a musician playing the piano and when we were drawing we would go with the music,” said Pfisterer.

Both girls said the art exhibit was a chance to show their work to a larger audience.

“I really like art at home, but this is the first time I’ve ever had art on display and most of it I’m really proud of so it makes me really happy that people get to see it,” said Pfisterer.

“It’s pretty cool because I’m proud of my work that I did. It’s important for me to let other people see it and enjoy it like I do,” said Bouchard.

According to Martin, the students, which range from Grade 3 to Grade 8, started working on their pieces five months ago, adding up to a lot of art to keep organized.

“I keep every piece that the students create,” wrote Martin. “I feel like an art collector.”

To make the exhibit happen she spent a day preparing the location and two-and-a-half days hanging the art with some help.

It may have taken her a lot of time and effort to curate the exhibit, but she said in the end it was worth it.

“An exhibition is a creation in itself. In the particular case of this art class, I think this is my way of giving back what I receive from the students and their accomplishments,” wrote Martin. “I find the exchange that occurs is pretty magical; the combination of their production and my overview.

“I hope the children and adults experienced a unique feeling of pride and a sense of ownership when their work gets all this attention. We all need special attention from time to time to make us feel good about what we do.”

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