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Species at risk plan filed for Jasper National Park

The final Multi-Species Action Plan for Jasper National Park of Canada has been posted to the Species at Risk Public Registry, according to Parks Canada.

The action plan outlines measures that will be taken over the next five years to support the recovery and management of seven species at risk found in Jasper National Park.

Woodland caribou, whitebark pine, Haller’s apple moss, two species of bats (northern myotis and little brown myotis), and two birds (common nighthawk and olive-sided flycatcher)—are listed as either threatened or endangered under Canada’s Species at Risk Act.

“This plan benefitted from consultation with Jasper’s Indigenous partners and Canadians across the country as well as the input of British Columbia and Alberta Species at Risk Coordinating Committees, Environment Canada, and Fisheries and Oceans Canada,” a press release read. “The action plan focuses efforts on making a tangible contribution to the recovery of species at risk, and building Canadians’ awareness, appreciation and support for species at risk conservation.”

The action plan can be viewed on the Species at Risk Public Registry website.

A Parks spokesperson also pointed out that Environment and Climate Change Canada has recently added 11 migratory bird species to Schedule 1 of Canada’s Species at Risk Act. Two species that regularly breed in Jasper National Park are now listed as threatened: bank swallow and barn swallow.

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