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Share spreads the love in Jasper

photo409.jpgOn Sunday, March 14, the East Coast band Share will play at the Brushfire Gallery.

Andrew Sisk, the band lead, says he is excited to be playing in Jasper again. Last year in June, Share rolled through town and left a lasting impression on both Jasper and themselves.

“We are always excited to go to Jasper; there are all the reasons in the world to want to go to Jasper,” said Sisk.

Last June was the first time Sisk and his band visited Jasper. Sisk said he had a great time and has wanted to come back ever since.

“We were coming that way anyhow, so our friend hooked up this amazing show,” he said.

Sisk said this time around is a little different than last year, because they just released a new EP, and the line-up is different.

Share will be a duo this time, with Sisk and female accompanist Miranda Durka.

“She has been my musical partner for a while now. We have never had the chance to tour together except for little things here and there,” said Sisk.

As the name Share might entail, the band is constantly evolving. Sometimes the band is a five-piece ensemble, other times it’s a trio and in this occasion it will be a duo.

“Band names are such a frustrating thing to deal with,” said Sisk.

Sisk said when he was first starting out more than five years ago, he knew he was going to develop a band, and therefore needed a name.

“I laughed when I first thought of the idea, but then I was sort of like, why not, it’s just as bad or good as any other band name I could think of,” said Sisk.
Over time, he played with many other musicians, so the name evolved to encompass the pun of ‘sharing.’

“If you say a word enough it takes on a new meaning,” he said. “It’s funny. We have fans and friends and they use it so often it has just become something else, but initially it was sort of a joke.”

“I guess that was the essence of it from the get go, I would write songs and I wanted to collaborate with other people to make these songs,” he said.

About eight months ago, Sisk started his own home recording studio.

“It’s really basic,” he said. “The new EP we put out, I recorded that at home.”

Sisk said that was the first time he engineered his own music. The EP he recorded is available for free download on their website:

Sisk said his favourite thing about making music is writing and recording. He says, performing is part of that creative process as well, and he has had many amazing experiences performing. However, he would not be doing this if he were a cover band.

“For me, it is the creative process. It is creating something, the first idea, then elaborating on the idea and working on it, and developing it, collaborating with others, and creating this thing, and then the last stage is performing for people,” he said.

The Jasper Heritage Folk and Blues Society is hosting Share along with a local band, the Pieps, at the Brushfire Gallery on March 14. The doors open at 7 p.m., and music starts at 8 p.m. Tickets are available at Coco’s Café, and the Liquor Lodge.

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