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Schaefer should apologize

Dear editor,

As we approach the 100th anniversary of Canada’s involvement with the “creeping barrage” military victory at Vimy Ridge between April 9 to 13, 1917, I am reminded of the absolute horror of the First and Second World War, or any war, for that matter. When the Second World War ended in 1945, we were a world that was sickened by the bloodshed, the loss of loved ones and yet, so thankful to be alive. I am old enough to remember the misery, death, brutality and the heart break for the soldiers and people of all nations. Many of us were permanently scarred from personal experiences. Contrary to what Monika Schaefer would have us believe, there is definite evidence of the murder of millions of Jews, and that the death camps did exist, where men, women and children were executed by shooting, gassing, starvation, and as the result of torture. Not many survived but they informed mankind of the atrocities.

Recent events and threats indicate that racism, hatred and bigotry is rearing its ugly head. The evil people who promote this line of thinking prey on young and old people alike, and sometimes poison their minds to believe in this despicable way of thinking. However, the majority of people in the world are peaceful and loving and wish to put a stop to hate, racism and bigotry. It is important that we should strive to forgive, even though we do well not to forget. Now that Ms. Schaefer has been confronted with absolute evidence that millions of Jews were executed and that the death camps did exist, it is her duty to offer an apology and retract her false statements. This is part of the responsibility and privilege enshrined in freedom of speech. We all make mistakes, Monika, and I suspect you will feel much better, once you withdraw your false statements

We are so very fortunate to live in Canada. Let there be peace and good will on Earth. We must learn to settle our differences amicably, and not by war, which often results from hatred, propaganda and bigotry.

Harry Home

This letter was corrected from an earlier version which misspelled Schaefer’s name in the title. The Fitzhugh regrets the error and apologizes for any embarrassment or confusion it may have caused.

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