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Re: Parks evicting 33-year resident

Dear editor,

It is unbelievable that a resident of 33 years or even longer has been so needlessly targeted by Parks as they have absolutely every right to reside in the community they have supported for so long and totally deserve the right to reside.

My letter supports all those long-time residents of Jasper and their need to reside, especially those that are now being unjustly targeted by Parks Canada. What kind of Government harasses people that have lived in Jasper for years paid the taxes and supported the local community? This is such a needless source of stress for people that have their families here, their friends and the support of their community.

Parks Canada please STOP this needless inhuman direction you are currently taking.

Regulations have their use and place but not when they are used in such a short sighted, misguided way. When contributing members of the community, some with over decades of community involvement, have to deal with the unnecessary stress and pain being imposed on them it is then time for such actions to stop. Please use some common sense and compassion in your role as Government employees and the human accountability expected from you.

Art Jackson


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