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RE: Jasper child labour allegations ‘very troubling’

Dear editor,

This letter is sent to express concern regarding the content of the above noted article. The Jasper Park Chamber of Commerce initially declined to comment on the information when approached prior to publication; however research and fact finding has now been completed and two things immediately require comment and attention.

First, the article intimates there was a concern regarding the illegal hiring of Jasper’s youth under the age of 12; research reveals at a recent Collaborative Action Team meeting, there was a ‘passing comment’ that a single 10 year old worked for one day in 2016; when the employer checked the labour standards code, the child no longer held a position. The reality is the reporting caused a negative impression Jasper has been ‘rocked by child labour allegations’. There is no basis in fact to this comment.

Further, the notion that fact checking could have prevented the article from painting the Jasper business community with a brush that is less than favourable, not to mention detrimental to the industry that is often the first point of employment for many of Jasper’s youth. Many of Jasper’s businesses make a point of hiring community high school students giving them their all to teaching, and encourage them to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit.

The Chamber encourages all persons to know and understand their rights, and responsibilities, particularly as youth enter the work world, it’s important they and their parents are aware. Jasper is fortunate enough to have access to a myriad of organizations both locally and on line to answer questions and understand the law in place to protect businesses, workers and their parents.

The Jasper Park Chamber of Commerce respectfully requests the Fitzhugh carefully review the ‘facts’ that lead to baseless allegations prior to printing content that has unnecessarily hurt Jasper business and in doing so leaves readers with a tarnished view of our destination and community.

Pattie Pavlov
General manager

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