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Re: Councillor’s question riles rainbow crosswalk ally

Dear editor,

It is interesting to read the article ‘Councillor’s Question Riles Rainbow crosswalk Ally’ in the July 13, 2017 edition of the Jasper Fitzhugh. Interesting because on December 15, 2016 I had mailed a letter to the Jasper municipal office, to which, I have never received a response. The following is in that letter:


Reading the article in the Jasper Fitzhugh, Nov. 24th edition regarding “LGBTQ group proposes rainbow crosswalk” has me asking; Is there a criteria that Jasper’s town council has set up, and which department makes the decision for a group to be given permission to paint a crosswalk that identifies or advertises their group or service? Is this an opportunity for others to promote or identify themselves? The question is then; what is the criteria that must be met in order to paint a crosswalk that would identity a group or service?
Thank you in advance for you response.

Now, in the interest of being inclusive, why does the town council not designate the crosswalks that cross Patricia Street from the east end of the post office to Evil Dave’s as being accessible to non profit or service groups that in essence advertise or identify themselves. Each group, whether they be the LGBTQ group, a service group, or a religious group gets an opportunity for one… only one crosswalk. There might even be a time limit for display, when the crosswalks can then be rented to another group. This might be a solution to the painted crosswalk dilemma and as a rental, a way for the municipality to raise a small amount of revenue.

K. Glenn Howard

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