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Pure poetry: Paul Reddick comes to town

Paul Reddick PhotoIn a world where fewer and fewer things are becoming truly timeless, one constant stands among them all: blues music.

Paul Reddick’s eclectic catalogue of blues tunes hits the mark right away, alluring audiences with his hypnotically groovy style.

Having written and performed for over 25 years, Reddick’s experience in the blues scene is obvious.

“I love playing the songs I write, and the musicians that I work with,” said Reddick.

“It’s blues based music, so I use the expression ‘blues is a beautiful landscape’ to describe it. Playing is like traveling to me.”

Having recently received a Juno Award for Blues album of the year with his latest effort Ride The One, Reddick’s love for the music he plays doesn’t go unnoticed.

“It felt fantastic,” Reddick said about winning the award. “It was certainly surprising and satisfying given the calibre of my fellow nominees.”

While some great pieces of work take months to perfect, Reddick’s latest record seemed to come together more naturally.

“The process for Ride The One was actually quite brief and efficient. I had some lyrics that I’d written and some ideas for grooves in my head.  I assembled the band in a rehearsal space for two days, and in that time we created and arranged all the songs.”

“We spent the following four days in the recording studio and recorded all the material.”

When it comes to writing music, the singer says he takes inspiration from anywhere he can find it.

“Blues music has been my influence as well as a lot of books and collections of poetry. Everything influences you really; what is found, what is lost, all that sort of thing.”

Currently touring with fellow musician Steve Marriner, the blues sound on tour is well-rounded and full-bodied.

“Steve and I have known each other for a long time, nearly 20 years,” said Reddick.

“He was just a kid when we met. About two years ago, I needed a guitarist for a tour of Alberta and Steve was available and asked to come along. Since then, he’s pretty much been a regular player in my band.”

When it comes to shows, the ‘unofficial poet laureate of Canadian blues’ said his short memory allows for every show to be different.

“That allows me to reinterpret the material every time I play it.  The performances have a life of their own, and you never know what it’s going to be. It is a search for something in a very abstract and joyful way.”

In regards to the new material, Reddick said fans can expect “my band and me to lead them on a journey across a borrowed blue land, and they’ll want to dance while they are there.”

Jasper fans can catch Paul Reddick and Steve Marriner at the Jasper Royal Canadian Legion on April 27 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $15.

Tash Loh | Special to the Fitzhugh

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