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National Park News august 22

photo791.jpgCougar Warning – Jasper Park Lodge near Mildred and Trefoil Lakes

There have been three confirmed cougar sightings between Aug. 13 and Aug. 17 near Mildred Lake on the Jasper Park Lodge property. The Aug. 17 sighting happened during daylight hours (11 a.m.) near a busy road. There have been no close encounters and no aggressive behaviour.  No carcasses have been observed. The animal is believed to be stalking ungulates in the area.  

For your safety:

• Keep dogs on leash

• Carry bear spray

• Closely supervise small children

• Travel in groups of four or more


If you encounter a cougar:

• Immediately pick up small children

• Stay calm, face the animal and retreat slowly

• Do not run or play dead


If the cougar approaches you:

• Stand your ground

• Prepare to use your bear spray

• Act aggressively – stomp your feet, yell, wave a stick, throw rocks

• Make yourself look larger using your jacket, pack or hiking poles


Report all cougar sightings to Parks Canada dispatch at 780-852-6155.


Photo Contest – Canadian Heritage Rivers System  

Do you have any great photos of our Canadian Heritage River in Jasper National Park – the Athabasca River? Parks Canada and the Canadian Heritage Rivers System have launched an online photography contest in partnership with Canoeroots and Family Camping Magazine, to encourage Canadians to submit photos of our rivers in the following categories:

• Parks Canada’s Canadian Heritage Rivers

• Canadian Heritage Rivers and Nature

• Canadian Heritage Rivers and Culture

• Canadian Heritage Rivers and You

Pictures of the Athabasca River would qualify under any of the four categories.    

The photo contest is open until Oct. 31 and winning photos will be published online, in Canoeroots magazine, and tour the country in a film festival. 

For more information, please visit:


Law enforcement humour  

On Aug. 13, a camper in Pocahontas Campground was warned about running his generator after hours. Instead of shutting the generator off, the camper dug a hole in the woods away from his campsite, while running a long extension cord back to his RV. When questioned by Park Wardens, he was surprised that the generator could still be heard and insisted the hole was already there.

Late on Aug. 8, Park Wardens discovered a camper-van parked on the road to Pyramid Lake, with a male sleeping inside. When approached, the camper claimed he was there to watch the meteor shower expected at 2:30 a.m. Given that Jasper National Park is now a designated Dark Sky Preserve, Park Wardens let him stay the night.   

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