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Mysterious posters pop up around town

This poster mysteriously appeared on the Fitzhugh's door on April 6. C. Gilbert photo.

This poster mysteriously appeared on the Fitzhugh’s door on April 6. C. Gilbert photo.

This poster was found taped to the front door of the Fitzhugh’s office on April 6.

After the newspaper shared it on social media, several residents reported finding the poster elsewhere in town.

Ryan Osman, a local resident, said he saw a woman who he believed was Monika Schaefer, a local Holocaust denier, putting up the posters with another man around midnight on April 5 outside of Tim Hortons.

CCTV footage provided to the Fitzhugh from a different location in town clearly showed Anthony Hall, a professor with the University of Lethbridge, putting up identical posters.

Hall was suspended without pay in October following comments he made in online articles and videos suggesting there was a Zionist connection to the 9/11 attacks and questioning the Holocaust.

In January the university’s board of governors filed a complaint against him with the Alberta Human Rights Commission. His salary was reinstated after the university learned it could take years before a tribunal hears its complaint.

The poster in question includes several clippings from news articles, a letter to the editor and a previously published editorial with the words “thought inquisition” written in black ink. The poster also highlights the Jasper Royal Canadian Legion, which banned Schaefer from its establishment, and the Fitzhugh, which has published articles about her.

The RCMP confirmed it is aware of the situation.

P. Clarke

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