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Lisa LeBlanc sails into Jasper

Lisa Leblanc photoThe soul-wrenching sounds of Lisa LeBlanc’s “trash folk” is an experience to be had by anyone who’s been heartbroken, lost, or just fancies themselves a bit quick-witted.

Originally hailing from Rosaireville, New Brunswick, the 26-year-old singer-songwriter has built a career with a nod to musical legends like Bob Dylan and Patti Smith.

With a musical family behind her, it’s no wonder the Montreal singer shines on both the guitar and the banjo.

“[I got into performing] mainly via family jams, and simply growing up with music all around me, I loved writing and playing guitar,” said LeBlanc.

“I loved being on a stage and I was a weird artsy teenager who was craving attention, so performing was perfect for me.”

Her self-described “trash folk” sound has developed over the years into a unique amalgamation of folk and rock with a hint of punk attitude.

“I thought trash folk sounded cooler than folk rock and it ended up sticking pretty well to my style of music.”

After an extensive personal journey through cities like Nashville, New Orleans, Austin and New York, LeBlanc began to find her signature sound.

She refined her guitar and banjo skills and channeled the fruits of her journey into her latest album, Why You Wanna leave, Runaway Queen? released in September 2016.

LeBlanc’s folk-influenced vocals layer perfectly over her rougher sound while her French lyrics reflect the sincerity and raw honesty behind her music.

“The root of it is very folky/roots but the band playing behind me is a rock band,” explained LeBlanc.

Fans can expect a true LeBlanc experience during her upcoming tour, because the show will be filled with “new tunes, old tunes, and new-ish older tunes in both French and English.”

Crowd interaction is also a big part of the show, and Jasper fans can expect an energetic “Frenglish show.”

“I try to change something in the set list or try to visualize what I’ll be saying between songs,” said LeBlanc.

“I’ve always loved talking to the crowd and making people laugh, it’s kinda how I get comfortable on a stage.”

If mastery of two stringed instruments (paired with killer vocals and sharp song writing skills) wasn’t enough, LeBlanc has ventured into the task of learning to play the fiddle.

“I’ve started to write songs with it and I find it super inspiring.”

You can catch this dynamic force at the Legion on March 16 at 8 p.m. Advanced tickets are $15 or $20 on the door.

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