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Lifelong learning at the local Legion

Shred Kelly regularly draws sold out crowds at the Jasper Royal Canadian Legion. Little known fact: free birthday parties for locals. (Shred Kelly not included) | Brian Van Tighem photo.

Dear editor,

I’m sending out this letter of massive kudos and thanks to our Jasper Royal Canadian Legion. As the old adage goes We’re never too old to learn, so goes my newest learning moment.

I wanted to throw my daughter a birthday to remember and thought a birthday zombie dance party might do the trick. I went to book the Legion for her eleventh birthday party, and when I started to talk to (manager) Sue (Henderson) about the cost of the rental, I was blown away when she told me it’s free. She told me that the Legion is here for the community and for community based events. She must love the look on people’s faces when she tells them that, and the moment of silence that inevitably follows as the brain tries to process. I couldn’t believe my luck.

On the day of the party, they let us in, we decorated the main hall, brought in our own snacks, juice, and birthday muffins for the kids, plugged in the pre-planned music and the party was on. It was great for the kids. It was great for the parents. Easy clean up with very hospitable hosts and just a short walk to most everyone’s home. The lesson I learned is that we have a pretty amazing, and affordable way to gather with more people in a local, safe environment. A place that is lovingly cared for by a great family of longtime Jasperites. And it’s free.

I just wanted to send a shout out to this great neighbour in our tight little community, and again say thank you for, as my kiddo put it, “the best birthday party ever!”

Now everybody knows. This is too good not to share.

In closing, Jasper Royal Canadian Legion, you have a new fan in me.

Marta Rode, Jasper, AB

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