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Jasper welcomes pair of drifters

Enslow will be playing at the Whistle Stop Pub on April 11 and 12 starting at 9 p.m. The show is free.

Enslow will be playing at the Whistle Stop Pub on April 11 and 12 starting at 9 p.m. The show is free.

One of Medicine Hat’s coolest musical exports can be found in the form of Enslow, a talented duo formed by Brady Enslen and Jay Bowcott.

Shortly after discovering the limits of the Hat’s music scene, Enslen and Bowcott found each other pretty quickly.

“It started when I moved to Medicine Hat about four years ago,” said Enslen.

“Jay was living there playing music full-time and in a town like Medicine Hat there weren’t too many people playing the kind of music we played.”

It wasn’t long before the pair began playing the local bar scene, with a regular Friday night appearance at Medicine Hat’s The Silver Buckle.

“Jay was playing at a bar every Friday and I slowly started integrating myself into that.

“Three years later, we’ve played hundreds of shows together across Canada and have let our sound naturally evolve to what it is today.”

Their popular residency led them to record their debut album, Drifters.

The end of Enslow’s Friday night era at The Silver Buckle simply marked the beginning of a new one.

“Some of the songs were written just a couple of months before recording, and some were written years before,” said Enslen.

“We recorded at Leeroy Stagger’s studio in Lethbridge over four days in July 2016 … It took several months to finish up recording some of the instrumental layers and to fine-tune everything and get it mixed and mastered.”

The new material promises to be everything fans have come to expect of the duo and more. They’ve already received positive feedback from crowds across western Canada.

“Some of the tracks have found a home on different radio stations in the area, and we’re hoping to grow that in the coming months.

“One of our musician friends, Greg Herman had said to us that there’s something for everyone on this album.”

The band’s extensive experience with bar crowds works in their favour, and Jasper can expect an energetic show full of original music.

Shows generally consist of a mixture of popular covers as well as original material.

“We usually never write a setlist, so no two shows are really ever the same.”

Enslow will play two shows at the Whistle Stop Pub on April 11 and 12 at 9 p.m. You can listen to Drifters on Soundcloud and Spotify.

Tash Loh
Special to the Fitzhugh

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