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IN BRIEF – October 27, 2011

Collision sends two to hospital

A dirt bike carrying two men in their 20s collided with a parked car on Patricia Street in the early morning hours of Oct. 18, leaving both in serious but stable condition, according to police. 

Sgt. David Maludzinski said the men are local, but wouldn’t release their names until charges have been laid.

“It’s still under investigation. We’re looking at probably criminal charges,” he said. “The only thing you really look at, probably, for something like that would be an impaired.”

Maludzinski said alcohol is believed to  be a factor.

Melissa Kennedy, the paramedic on the scene, said the men were both taken to Edmonton for further treatment, one by air and one by ambulance.


Attempted break-in on Connaught

A security camera at Jasper Park Liquor and Beverage Co. shows the windows in the store’s two front doors being smashed and an arm reaching through the glass around 2:15 a.m. Oct. 18.

The attempted break-in was unsuccessful, though, according to Tammy Vathje, who owns the store.

“We have bars on the windows and the doors. I know it’s ugly, but if we didn’t have that they would have been able to get in,” she said.

There are two doors on the front of the store. The second has glass that is about a quarter-inch thick. 

“There was obviously a lot of force used to smash, especially the second one, because I had glass almost three-quarters of the way back in the store. It’s quite shocking where some of the glass ended up,” Vathje said.

The store’s alarm system didn’t go off because there was no entry to the building, so Vathje didn’t find out about the smashed windows until the following morning when she was contacted by an RCMP officer.

Sgt. David Maludzinski said the incident is under investigation.


Council considering trail on Bonhomme

The Jasper Greenspace Planning Committee is asking council to consider constructing a multi-use trail along the bench side of Bonhomme Street, in addition to the sidewalk it has already committed to install.

Jurgen Deagle, the chair of the committee, presented the idea to council Oct. 18, noting that it would be a good way to not only keep existing trail linkages, but also encourage walking and biking as a means of transportation.

The trail would front the Caribou Creek housing project set for that land. In January 2010, council supported an encroachment on municipal land to help facilitate that development.

During the same meeting, council committed to installing sidewalks and curbs there at a cost of approximately $300,000. 

According to Deagle, the construction of a trail would not interfere with the housing development. 

“We have discussed this with the developer and he indicated that proposed housing development and parking would not impact a three metre multi-use trail on the municipal lands fronting the development.”

Council deferred the greenspace committee’s request for more discussion during the next meeting of the committee-of-the-whole.   

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