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Grant opens new chapter for Jasper skatepark

An updated plan for the proposed skatepark in Jasper, AB.

by Craig Gilbert |

How do you cap off a perfect day at Marmot Basin?

For Darrell Savage, chair of the Jasper Skatepark Committee, hearing a $21,250 grant had come through last weekend was pretty good.

He said on Monday his wife Kat Wills called him as he was heading home from the mountain with the good news that a provincial Community Facility Improvement Program (CFIP) grant for the proposed $715,000 park had come through, and therefore a conditional $16,000 contribution from the Town of Jasper would as well.

“It’s a bit of a dream,” Savage said Monday. “You never expect it so you prepare for the worst, but with this, and the support from the town, and our MP and MLA, the way the pieces have come together has seriously expedited this project.”

He said all tolled the group has raised now about $55,000, enough to cover the detailed design and concept phase. Langley-based New Line Skateparks is the contractor.

“This puts us a lot further ahead,” he said. “It’s why we jumped on the application. This helps us go out and ask for in-kind donations because now we know exactly how much material we need for this and that aspect of the park.”

It is also likely to make the project more attractive on future grant applications, including going back to CFIP for half of the total if and when the local committee is able to cobble together $365,000 in cash or in-kind value.

Savage said the group intends to re-enter the $100,000 Aviva Challenge later this year and seek funding from Alberta Blue cross.

“It’s all about matching funding,” Savage said, “and we feel there is overwhelming support for our cause.”

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