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From the new guy

It was about 20 years ago that I first encountered Jasper. Back then I was a tourist enjoying one of my first exciting excursions through Northern Alberta and British Columbia. Engraved in my mind is the indelible memory of riding the Jasper Tramway. I remember being in awe of the breathtaking scenery. I vividly remember the mountains, the river, and the unique configuration of the town-site. I also remember laughing from the humorous commentary of the friendly tour guide. Throughout my life I’ve found I have a tendency to compare most scenery to my experience in Jasper, as if it were the gauge by which all other views were measured.

While the realities of life may have for a time drawn me to the city, whenever possible I looked west to admire the mountains when I could see them, or imagined them when I could not. To this day, I feel most inspired with a breathtaking vista filling my field of view. It is within the peace and calm of the natural world that my creative mind functions best. I feel truly blessed to find myself surrounded by the very mountains that I’ve held so long to be the quintessential inspirational view.

I was born in Calgary, Alta., but I grew up among the slightly smaller and rounder mountains of the Creston Valley in British Columbia. Surrounded by such natural beauty, it was inevitable I would grow up to appreciate mountain trails, clear flowing streams, and tall trees. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve walking long distances carrying a heavy pack, inspired only by the promise of a hot meal cooked over a camp stove. I remember waking to bird songs and rolling out of my sleeping bag to burst from my tent in the hope I did not miss the first light of dawn striking the peaks. I was always energized and awestruck by mountain sunrises. I look forward to enjoying these things again in and around Jasper.

It is with the upmost respect and humility that I attempt to fill the very talented shoes of Robson Fletcher, and Carrie White before him. It is with great pride that I shoulder the editorial responsibility of such a highly acclaimed and award-winning newspaper. It is my intention to continue the legacy of the Fitzhugh by keeping this community truthfully informed with thought provoking and accurate editorial. I very much look forward to serving the community of Jasper. I would like to extend a very special thank you to everyone who has already offered me such genuinely warm welcomes.


DISCLAIMER: The Last Word is an opinion column, it is meant to provoke thought and debate. As such, any opinions written here are the writer’s own. 

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