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Free speech has limitations

Dear editor,

I see again that Monika Schaefer is once again claiming free speech for an opportunity to spout her hatred of people of the Jewish faith. Free expression means, in its simplest terms, that the government cannot arrest you for those views.

Canadian law does have exceptions, such as child pornography and hate speech.

In Canada, Section 319(2) of the Criminal Code “makes it an offence to communicate, except in private conversation, a statement that willfully promotes hatred towards an identifiable group.”

Schaefer’s position would be defendable if the public statements she made were true, a discussion of religious text, or done with the goal to remove hatred of the identifiable group. Her statements are as ludicrous and blatantly untrue as belief in the earth being flat.

Schaefer has taken every opportunity to promote her views of hate. Aligning herself with neo-Nazis like Blood and Honour.

There is no debate, Schaefer promotes hatred. Period.

Free expression does not shield one from criticism, protest, or consequences. If one is banned, has shows cancelled, boycotted, or is generally not welcome, your rights have not been violated. It means others are expressing their rights to free expression.

Ken Kuzminski

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