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Finding the common thread at Jasper’s PJ day parade


by Evan Matthews |

For the eighth consecutive year, Jasperites joined together in pajamas to fight against autoimmune disease, finding the common thread.

Jasper’s Marta Rode started Find the Common Thread in 2011, after she was diagnosed with Wegener’s Disease (granulomatosis with polyangiitis).

Find the Common Thread is a non-profit organization, both fundraising and creating autoimmune disease awareness, with this year’s parade on Mar. 1 put on by Community Outreach Services.

“My mom and dad, my sister, they all have an autoimmune disease. I didn’t connect any of the dots until it hit me,” says Rode. “I lost a lot of energy. I was tired and fatigued. I started researching, and found there are 140 different autoimmune diseases, and one in five people are affected. There are a lot of us suffering alone.”

Find the Common Thread aims to show the community there are other people in the community who understand the struggles associated with autoimmune disease, she says.

“We do it so people don’t feel like they’re going crazy, when they feel something is wrong. Many people travel the same path on their way to a diagnosis,” says Rode, reflecting on her own experience.

Next up for Find the Common Thread, Rode says she’s working on a program in partner with Habitat for the Arts, relating to art therapy.

“I’ve gotten way more out of the disease than it’s gotten out of me.”

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