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Fiddle and Fitz at the Jasper Legion April 6

The FitzThe Fitzgerald family boasts a myriad of talents, including – but not limited to – the skill of living and working together every day, a handful of Canadian Grand Master Fiddle Championships, and a high-energy, highly-talented band: Everything Fitz.

Having toured Canada and the US for the last 10 years, the family of six has a lot of experience between them and it shows.

“Originally we started playing for local fundraiser shows, and eventually started travelling further and further away,” said Julie Fitzgerald, fiddler extraordinaire.

The band is well-known for its unique blend of traditional fiddle classics and a more modern sound, using their combined musical talents to blend the two worlds seamlessly.

“We grew up playing old-time fiddle music, and competed at a lot of fiddle/step dance competitions in Ontario,” said Julie. “After the competitions were over, we would stay up late playing and learning tunes from all different parts of the world.

“We listened to a lot of CDs as well and learned by ear, so we had a lot of musical influences growing up so we were able to blend these different styles together to achieve a unique sound.”

The Fitzgerald children, Julie, Tom and Kerry, say they like to mix pop riffs with Celtic melodies.

“Tom and I both went to Humber College for music, and were exposed to endless musical genres, as well as classes on writing, arranging, theory, and recording techniques,” said Julie.

When it comes to seeing each other almost 24/7, the Fitzgeralds have found a balance that allows them to do what they love with the people they love.

“A lot of people think that it’s a difficult thing to perform and work as a family, but we get along really well and love what we do.”

“Of course we are a normal family in that we will have the odd disagreement, but we are good team players and realize regardless of who you are performing with, it takes a lot of communication and teamwork to be in a band.”

And the best part?

“We get to tour around and see the world as a family.  It’s like a whole bunch of family vacations.”

She said the band also recognizes the importance of taking time to relax, and before a show you can often find Everything Fitz running around outside playing frisbee and cranking tunes.

When the band rolls into town on April 6, Jasper can expect a high energy show, with lots of step dancing.

“We do a lot of improvising, so even though the tune doesn’t change, little parts here and there will change,” said Julie.

Everything Fitz will be at the Legion on April 6 at 9 p.m. Tickets are $15 at the door.

Tash Loh | special to the Fitzhugh

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