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Comedic music with substance: Kate Reid comes back to Jasper

Reid is a fearless, Bowen Island-based, lesbian musician who uses comedy and storytelling to paint pictures of queer life. 

With songs like The Only Dyke at the Mic and I’d Go Straight for Ridley Bent, Reid is both bold and witty.

She said using humour in songs can make queer issues and women’s issues more palatable for listeners, and it can also be a lot of fun.

“It’s fun to have people laughing and seeing them enjoy the humorous things I talk about or sing about in my songs.”

Reid’s humour is undeniable, especially in the title track of her latest album, Doing it for the Chicks. It’s a satirical commentary on the music industry that depicts Reid as a misogynistic musician who’s in the business just for the chance at luring women into her bed. 

“I’m merely on a divine plan to convert you to the dark side of the bedroom,” she sings. “The music’s all just extra-curricular, I’m just doing it for the chicks.”

The album cover follows the same theme, with Reid standing in the middle of a harem of gorgeous women, all of whom are fawning over her, as she stares directly into the camera.

“Some people don’t get it,” Reid said about the statement she was trying to make. “Some people say it’s really hot. It’s not really supposed to be hot, even though it is. It’s supposed to be a statement. It’s supposed to be a comment on society and the music business and men and where they situate themselves in the world.”

Reid said she didn’t set out to be political in her music, she just started writing about her own life and her own experiences, without taking into account what that meant.

“I didn’t have a concept of like, ‘Oh, if I’m going to say the word lesbian or dyke in a song, that’s automatically going to put me into the arena of being an activist.’ It didn’t occur to me,” she said. 

But now that she’s there, she has embraced the role, writing songs like Ain’t No Drama Queen, about the queer youth suicides that dominated the media in the fall of 2010, and Revolution, about violence against women.

“Singing about queer issues and women’s issues and stuff like that, I feel very passionate about,” she said. “We’re still fighting. We still have lots of homophobia, we still have misogyny and sexism, you know, there’s still lots of work to be done.” 

Reid is currently on a national tour in promotion of Doing it for the Chicks. She will be performing in Jasper at the Royal Canadian Legion Nov. 19. Playing with Reid will be Jeff Stuart and The Hearts, who are currently touring in support of their new album, Equal Parts Reason and Moonlight.

Reid, who has played in a Jasper a few times, said she’s excited to come back.

“I love the Legion. They have the best sound in Canada. The sound guy, Randal, he’s amazing. 

“And Jasper’s fun. The people are laid back and they like to have a good time. They make my job easier.”

To learn more about Reid or to hear her music, visit To hear music by Jeff Stuart and The Hearts, visit

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