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Ecology, Indigenous relations, free admission: priorities for JNP

Free admission to Canada’s national parks and a predicted influx of visitors was just one of the points brought up at the annual state of the park address delivered by Alan Fehr, superintendent of Jasper National Park (JNP) on Feb. 14. The 30-minute presentation to the members of the Jasper Park Chamber of Commerce was a sneak peek of what’s to come in the annual park forum next month. “There will be challe ...

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Schaefer pleads with ‘thought police’ for busking licence

Jasper violinist Monika Schaefer took clear aim at what she called the “thought police” as she made her case for a busking licence in 2017. Schaefer appeared before the committee of the whole Tuesday morning, Feb. 14, while local politicians were discussing the 2016 street busking pilot project and attendant feedback from community members and business owners. It became clear the notoriety she gained after ...

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New chapter for local library clerk

Like many of Jasper’s residents, Holly Llewellyn showed up in town with only a backpack and the intent to stay for a few days.  That was more than two years ago. “I was in Jasper on vacation, just travelling around by myself, but once I got here I fell in love,” Llewellyn said. Hoping to make Jasper home, Llewellyn started scrolling through a slew of job postings until she came across a technician position ...

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Library vandal pleads guilty

One of two men accused of vandalizing the Jasper Library and Cultural Centre in April 2016 pled guilty to five counts of mischief causing damage and a failure to comply with conditions in Jasper Provincial Court, Feb. 9. According to the Crown, on April 19, 2016 Chase Fogarty-Landsman and a co-accused broke into the library while it was still under construction and spray painted several walls. Several fire ...

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Learning a language

Gathered in a room, Feb. 8, at Habitat for the Arts sat four people who have led very different lives. Rola Aldakhil and Omayea El Marawi are originally from Syria while Sonali Kiran Vanjare is from India and Wayne Bontan is from Jamaica. However, they all have at least one thing in common—they’re all hoping to improve their English. That’s where Angela Lemire and Edmonton’s NorQuest College’s Language Inst ...

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What does the fox say?

Perhaps this has happened to you. Late one night you hear the ungodly scream of what sounded like a raven possessed by a demon. So haunting was the sound that it roused you from your bed, heart thudding and palms slick, wondering, what the hell WAS that? Has someone been murdered? Should I call for help? Yet you hesitate. There’s something wild about it. Primal. The sound is not quite right for a human. Aft ...

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NPN: Canada 150, Family Day edition

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Confederation in 2017, the Government of Canada invites Canadians to experience nature and learn more about our history. Family Day is a great opportunity to get out there and enjoy winter in Jasper National Park (JNP).  To help mark the occasion, Parks Canada’s interpretive staff will be on hand at Marmot Meadows (just South of Jasper on Highway 93) offering compliment ...

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Re: From Africa to Canada; Jasper author shares her experiences

Dear editor, I must commend Kayla Byrne’s article last week in the Fitzhugh about author Roberta Laurie’s experiences in Malawi, Africa and the book Laurie wrote as a result of her travels to Malawi. However, I wish to correct the sentence in Kayla’s article: “By 2015 she had compiled years worth of stories into a novel, Weaving a Malawi Sunrise”. Professor Laurie’s book is by no means a novel but a result ...

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The ballad of Boaty McBoatface

A lot of roads lead through Jasper. To many, they all do. The natural beauty that surrounds us draws, as the marketeers in Nelson, BC like to say, “free spirits and well-rounded squares” from across this great country and around the world, acting like a talent distillery and creating an atmosphere of community, caring and cool the author has nary seen elsewhere in what is quickly approaching a 20-year-caree ...

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Help our ‘second home’ in Hockeyville contest

It’s no great Rocky Mountain secret that Jasper’s Shirley Doran is foundational to the community here, in particular, minor sports (or that she’s not going to love being singled out, again). What’s new is that inspiration she provides through her tireless work at her much-more-than-a snack bar in the arena could actually help its foundation. Lesleigh Campbell, mom to twin eight-year-old hockey players and a ...

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