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A step in the wrong direction

Dear editor,

Jasper is sitting on an eco-tourism opportunity that is quickly slipping away. ATCO’s proposed Jasper Interconnection Project will roughly parallel the eastern portion of Highway 16 within the park and is set to begin construction in the fall. While the Alberta government is implementing a carbon-tax and phasing out coal, it’s business as usual on this project. I’ve seen no evidence that alternate energies have even been considered.

Currently, Jasper has the potential to be Canada’s shining example for an off-the-grid low-waste sustainable community. Jasper certainly is a candidate for geothermal energy. Was there even an assessment? What about organic waste? Jasper could acquire a bio-gas generator. And solar? What if we spent the money that is going into the transmission line on installing solar panels around town? The federal and provincial governments could put a big gold star on their green agendas and Canadians could pat themselves on the back for taking care of their UNESCO World Heritage site.

With a combination of geothermal, bio-waste and solar, there might just be enough energy to power the town. I may be mistaken, but it is profoundly disturbing that of all the articles I’ve read regarding the Jasper Interconnection Project, these kinds of questions are completely off the radar.

Can we please stop talking about a greener future, and start actually creating one?

Alice Paquet
Hinton, AB

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