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Jasper Bears strut their stuff at home

by Craig Gilbert |

The wee mighty Bears of Jasper are running with a new pack.

The novice team and two others from Hinton have organized a mini-league and now have several games lined up for the winter.

The first game happened this past Saturday in Jasper between the Jasper Bears and Hinton Jr. Havoc. They hit the road to play both the Hinton Jr. Havoc and Hinton Hawks in their barn on Saturday.

The team reached out to the Fitzhugh this week unaware that we had in fact already caught wind of the undefeated bears of the Canadian Rockies and bore witness to Saturday’s 8-4 home win. Beared witness? Borne? Jason?

This isn’t over.

They wanted to talk about their quiet heroes, the Jasper Brew Pub, who have been sponsoring the team for three years.

“For the last two years they have contributed $100 per player toward registration fees for all initiation and novice level players,” Tina Gibbons said. “This is a huge investment in minor hockey and it allows kids that might not be able to play otherwise to have a chance to try the game.”

This year there are 15 kids on the novice Bears team and nearly 40 kids coming up in initiation hockey.

“The strategy has definitely worked.”

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